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Gustorotondo is an online store for top quality traditional Italian food, with excellent products from the Italian culinary tradition. Gustorotondo is for food lovers who appreciate a combination of good taste and good health. The online shop offers a meticulous selection of excellent traditional Italian food, sourced from small producers who are passionate about their products.

Our suppliers are Italian artisan producers whose craftsmanship activities keep Italian traditions and tastes alive. Gustorotondo features in the Gambero Rosso Guide and sells the best Italian-made produce, made with creativity, passion and craftsmanship.


We have many satisfied clients already using and loving our virtual shop, our online shop for top traditional Italian food. Our online customers trust our ability to choose the right product with the best quality. Buying our products online gives you various advantages:

  • Very high-quality control thanks to a careful selection of trusted suppliers
  • Access to niche products, top quality Italian food products that cannot be found in the supermarkets or the high street
  • Packaging that keeps the products’ integrity and maintains their nutritional qualities
  • Payments are secure and made by Stripe and Paypal
  • We deliver by DHL all over Europe, and each delivery is tracked

For those who are in Italy, our boutique in Milan can be visited in Via Boccaccio n. 14.


The Italian culinary tradition has always had a bond with biodiversity and with the quality of ingredients used to prepare regional recipes still not well known. We are passionate that traditional Italian food is one of the most important expressions of Italian life, along with art and nature. This is the philosophy of our project: Gustorotondo is a real and virtual shop that delivers excellence and honesty, bringing the authentic taste of good food to your table:

  • Pasta that dries slowly to keep the nutritional properties and the original taste of the grain
  • Artisanal sauces made with tasty and natural ingredients;
  • Extra virgin olive oil made with Italian olives using cold pressing techniques, an old tradition of Italian oil-mills
  • Biscuits prepared with stone mill grinded flour
  • Chocolate produced with high quality cocoa, Sicily pistachios and Piedmont hazelnuts
  • Jams and marmalades made with only fruit and brown sugar


Buying top quality traditional Italian food at Gustorotondo online shop is easy, convenient and will bring health and deliciousness to your meals.

  1. Browse, choose and make your order
  2. Your order will be delivered by DHL, so that the quality of your products remains intact

The payment security is granted by Stripe and PayPal, with every credit card accepted.​


Gustorotondo delivers the best Italian artisan food Europe wide with DHL courier.
We bring you authentic Italian flavour.


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Gustorotondo top quality Italian food online: our Partners


Traditional Italian food products that you may find in our online store are not only tasty and genuine; their top quality is also internationally recognised, thanks to awards and recognitions that we are delighted to present:

  • Giraudi, chocolate producer, has won several prizes at the International Chocolate Awards;
  • De Carlo, extra virgin olive oil producer, has won the Best in the World Flos Olei 2013-2014 with the extra virgin olive oil “Tenuta Torre di Mossa” DOP, the Slow Food Award for “Best price-quality ratio” with the extra virgin olive oil “Il Classico” – “Contrada di San Martino” DOP and many other prizes;
  • Pasta factory Benedetto Cavalieri is a learning centre of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo (Piemonte), and has won over the years many prizes and special mentions in prominent specialistic newspapers;
  • Commercial farm Festinalente that produces organic honey was awarded as “Workshop of The Year “in Gambero Rosso Guide 2014, and won several times the “Better Honeys from Italy” contest by the National Center for Honey.

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