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Apicoltura Vallera | Organic Dandelion Honey


Dandelion Honey has pungent scent, fresh and persistent taste.
Try it on bread with a little butter



The Dandelion is a herbaceous plant widespread in the grassy areas of the plains and mountains throughout northern Italy.
The Dandelion blooms early in the spring, in the months from February to May, sometimes turning entire meadows into yellow-gold expanses. At the time of flowering, the hives are not always strong enough to give the beekeeper a substantial crop, and therefore dandelion honey is less easily found than other honeys.


Gustorotondo loves Vallera Apiculture for the high quality of the honeys produced and for the elegant and harmonious style of the packagings, on which there are pleasant drawings of plants and flowers from which the honeys originate.


Yellow-amber coloured with orange reflections, Dandelion honey has a pungent scent and a fresh and persistent taste.
Dandelion honey crystallizes quickly, forming a soft and creamy mass.
Dandelion honey is excellent for breakfast spread on bread and butter, or combined with a medium-aged sheep cheese.


Vallera Apiculture is a farm dedicated to the breeding of bees and to the production of organic honey.

The activity was born in 2001, in the hills of Monferrato, for the will of Davide Bosio to recover the farm of his grandfather Emilio, renowned wine producer and amateur beekeeper.

The techniques used by the Vallera Apiculture for the production of honey are artisanal and mostly manual. Everything is made with care and with the aim of offering a pure and above all good food, respecting the life cycle of the insects.

The work involves the use of organic products to combat varroa (the main parasite of bees), and the use of organic wax free of chemical residues. Honey is not pasteurized, and thus it maintains all its organoleptic properties.

In the last few years Roberta, Davide’s wife, has brought to the company her own experience as a designer, and from the collaboration a new packaging line has been created.

The honeys produced have been rewarded in various competitions.
In particular, Apicoltura Vallera has been awarded at the Concorso Nazionale Grandi Mieli d’Italia (Great Honeys of Italy National Contest) for several honeys produced along the years.