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Primo Pan ‘Drolo’ | Hazelnuts Brittle 250 g


Made with hazelnuts from Langhe, Drolo brittles are good on them own, with milk or tea and with sweet wines like Passito.



Battifollo is an ancient little municipality, with agricultural tradition, located on the Cuneo side of the Ligurian Alps.
Here Primo Pan bakes small lots of delicious cookies and brittles according to local traditions and using top-quality ingredients, such as eggs from small farms in the surrounding area, honey, raw cane sugar and stoneground, local wholegrain flours.

The Drolo hold the flavour of the Langhe Hazelnuts and cocoa, whose delicious taste arises at every bite.
The name Drolo originates from the French word ‘drôle’, meaning fun and light in French, to reflect their light and airy weight.
They do not contain cereals or butter.

Crunchy and light, they are great with a glass of cold or steamed milk, with a caffe latte or a cup of tea. They are excellent also with passito wine.


Round Piedmont hazelnuts (“Tonda gentile delle Langhe”), 40%, egg whites, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla essence.
May contain traces of other nuts.


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