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Antonio Mattei Biscuits Factory

Over 150 years ago Antonio Mattei, a baker and pastry cook from Prato, opened his biscuit factory and store. Mattei was a craftsman of humble birth, but he played a leading role in the history of Italian cooking. The tradition has been passed down: since 2015 Antonio Mattei biscuits factory is a member of the Unione Imprese Storiche Italiane, the Association of ultra centenarian Italian Companies which unites brands of established prestige and international prominence

Fattoria La Casella | L'Olio dei Farnese

Farnese is a small centre of the latial Tuscia, perched on tuff spur, on the border with Tuscany.
The farm ‘La Casella’ is located on volcanic hills, that give the oil a unique taste, and produces with organic methods, respecting the environment.
‘L’Olio dei Farnese’ was Winner of the 1st Prize at the Milan Fair – Expo of Flavours 2002

De Carlo | Maestri Oleari dal 1600

De Carlo has been a family run company for generations, growing olive trees in Puglia (the heel of the boot) since XVII Century.
Alongside its extra virgin oil production, the De Carlo family produces with passion vegetables preserved in extra-virgin olive oil. The vegetables are processed within 24 hours from harvesting, to offer all the taste and texture of fresh vegetables

Giraudi Artisan Chocolate

Giraudi is an example of creativity, craftsmanship and charm.
Born in Piedmont, in a little country near Alessandria, at the beginning of the 20th Cent., thanks to the passion and to the endeavour of determined and creativity men, Giraudi has become a famous and esteemed brand for the high quality handcrafted chocolate production over the last twenty years. Giraudi has been awarded in the International Chocolate Award

Fattoria Moldano

The Moldano Farm is located in Eupilio, a small and picturesque town near Como, between the Pusiano Lake and the Prealps.
The land is cultivated with the biological method, without forcing the land, carefully avoiding the use of chemical products as manure, herbicides and insecticides.
The spontaneity of the land and the passion of the men and women that cultivate it give life to flavorful products with a high nutritional value.

Bellora Tenuta di Naiano dal 1939

The Naiano Estate is located in the hilly area near Verona and Lake Garda, and is surrounded by innumerable vineyards and olive groves.
During November and December the olives are harvested with care, and they are transported to the olive oil mill.
The olives are cold pressed with a traditional stone mill on the same day they are picked, to preserve their nutritional and organoleptic properties.

Tenuta Le Cave e Fasoli Gino

Tenuta Le Cave è un progetto portato avanti da un gruppo di persone fantastiche che negli ultimi 15 anni ha trasformato una vecchia cava di Italcementi, che stava per essere convertita in discarica di rifiuti tossici, in una fattoria biologica con uno splendido wine relais.
Fasoli Gino è una cantina con 100 anni di storia, oltre 30 dei quali dedicati all’agricoltura biologica. Vini straordinari, sia per la qualità sia per i caratteri distintivi unici.

Festinalente Farm

Azienda Agricola Festinalente (Festinalente Farm) practices Nomadic Beekeeping, with Organic Farming U.E. Certfication, in the ‘Grigna Settentrionale Regional Park’, where the mountains of the Como Lake make a beautiful background for the work of the bees.
It is a small, excellent reality, several times award winning at the the ‘Grandi mieli d’Italia’ (‘Great Italian honeys’) contest, the most qualified and most prestigious competition on the quality of Italian honey -.

Benedetto Cavalieri

Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta is widely known for the keenness for pasta, the cure and the constant research for the best quality that the Cavalieri Family hands out from generation to generation.
The Founder developed a method, called “Delicate Method”: the long kneading, the slow pressing, drawing and drying at a low temperature permit to preserve the nutritional values of the durum wheat, its taste and typical flavour and a completely natural consistency which is still so highly esteemed by gourmets

Agricola del Sole

Agricola del Sole cultivates patches of land scattered in the endless spaces of the enchanting Murge district whose climate, influenced by the sea currents and mountain airstreams, is typically Mediterranean.
The founders and brothers – Francesco, Mimmo, Pasquale and Cardenia Casillo – have a family history that boasts an engagement and a fifty-year-old experience in the field of the agriculture

Gerardo di Nola

The pasta factory Gerardo di Nola was born in Gragnano in the 70s of the XIX century. In the 30s of the XX century the company moved to Castellammare di Stabia, always producing pasta of great quality.  Today the company is run by Giovanni Assante along with Ada, Mariaelena and their amazing team. Together, they restored Gerardo di Nola to its proper honor and realized the dream of bringing the Gerardo di Nola back to the heart of Gragnano, the city of the pasta.

Principato di Lucedio

The history of Lucedio straddles about nine hundred years, and there is still a lot to write about it. Although the document relating to when the monastery was founded is not available, a manuscript discovered in the Ambrosian Library of Milan (Ms. Ambr. H 230 inf.), the original part of which dates back to the last quarter of the Twelfth century, contains a note from the beginning of the Sixteenth century indicating the foundation date as the 21 March 1123.