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The recipe for curry is often considered to be only one and a classic. When we talk about curry, we normally refer to a ready-made mixture of spices. The word appears to us to be somewhat exotic: it recalls the world of India or other Eastern Countries. We use it in some recipes, especially for … Continue reading RECIPE FOR CURRY POWDER: INGREDIENTS, METHOD, HYPOTHESES ABOUT THE ORIGINS

There are several versions of the curry chicken recipe. Internet searches include, for example, the Indian version, the Jamaican version, the Thai version, curry chicken with coconut milk or with yogurt. Here we will see a rather classic version of the recipe, some tips and further information. Then, a recipe with yogurt and one with vegetables.

Ginger and lemon water is often associated with health. Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a perennial herbaceous plant native to Asia, today cultivated in China, India and in many tropical and subtropical countries. Since ancient times, ginger has been cultivated for its therapeutic properties. The rhizome of ginger is used both fresh and dry, and can be found … Continue reading GINGER AND LEMON WATER: RECIPE, BENEFITS, CONTRAINDICATIONS

Amatriciana sauce is a well-known Italian recipe. Let’s see a version of the recipe that we believe is very tasty, hypotheses about the origin of the recipe and some changes of this tasty sauce over the years.

There are two versions of the pasta puttanesca recipe: the Neapolitan and the one from the Lazio region. The ingredients are simple, the flavour exceptional in both versions. Discover the ingredients, some tips and some hypotheses about the origin of the recipe and of the name.