Italian Rice

Dried mushroom risotto is a classic Italian cuisine recipe full of charm. Mushroom risotto can also be prepared with fresh or frozen mushrooms. Here we will use dried mushrooms, which make it possible to prepare the recipe even when fresh ones are not available. We will see ingredients, preparation and some advice or further information.

Italian rice varieties are appreciated in Italy and abroad. In Italy different varieties of rice are cultivated, and for some types of rice, such as the Vialone Nano, Arborio and Carnaroli, Italy is the only world producer. Italy is the leading European country for rice-growing areas (about 50% of the European total) and rice production (still … Continue reading ITALIAN RICE VARIETIES: DISHES, RECIPES, BUY ONLINE

Mushroom risotto recipe is a classic dish of Italian cuisine. Here we’ll consider in particular the Porcini mushroom risotto recipe. There are different versions of the recipe, some simpler and faster thanks to the use of dried porcini mushrooms instead of fresh or frozen porcini mushrooms. The porcini mushroom risotto warms the heart, especially on an Autumn … Continue reading MUSHROOM RISOTTO RECIPE

Carnaroli rice is an Italian rice particularly known as suitable for the preparation of risotto, a typical Italian dish. Many people consider Carnaroli risotto the best risotto. But what is the story of Carnaroli? Is Carnaroli risotto the best risotto? Can you use Carnaroli rice only for the risotto recipe? FOLLOW US BUY CARNAROLI RICE AND … Continue reading CARNAROLI RICE: RISOTTO, HISTORY, ARBORIO VS CARNAROLI

The Risotto recipe is a typical Italian recipe, prized for its creamy texture and rich taste. Several versions of risotto are widespread, and there are myriads of Italian risotto recipes. In this article, we will look at how to cook risotto, the best rice for risotto, the Italian risotto rice history FOLLOW US CONTENTS Risotto recipe history … Continue reading RISOTTO RECIPE: HOW TO COOK ITALIAN RISOTTO, THE BEST RICE TO MAKE IT

When did people start thinking about how to cook rice in italy? In the Middle Ages rice in Italy was mainly known as a sort of spice used in preparing medicines and cosmetics, while in the kitchen it was relegated to ingredients for making some desserts, and for a long time was, in any case, … Continue reading How to cook rice