There are two versions of the pasta puttanesca recipe: the Neapolitan and the one from the Lazio region. The ingredients are simple, the flavour exceptional in both versions. Discover the ingredients, some tips and some hypotheses about the origin of the recipe and of the name.

Pasta alla norma is one of the most famous Italian dishes in the world. It is a typical Sicilian recipe, and brings with it typically Mediterranean flavors. Let’s see the ingredients, how to prepare it, calories and nutritional values, some tips and hypotheses on the origin of the name.

The history of pasta from Italy is part of a wider and articulated history. Since the Middle Ages, Italy has developed a cuisine that assigns pasta a primary food role: pasta is neither just a side dish or accompaniment, nor just an ingredient in broth dishes. Sicily was perhaps the cradle of the artisanal production of … Continue reading PASTA FROM ITALY: HISTORY, PRODUCTION, SOME FAMOUS PASTA DISHES

Whole wheat pasta is a food with different aspects that deserve some attention. The interesting aspects concern not only the nutritional values, the possible benefits for health or the flavors that best pair, but also the regulatory framework that defines the durum wheat integral semolina pasta. In the course of the article we will focus … Continue reading WHOLE WHEAT PASTA: CALORIES, NUTRITION, ONLINE SHOPPING